2019 Elections: Be Truly Independent Body, APGA Kaduna Guber Candidate tells INEC

The Kaduna State governorship candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Dr Polycarp Gankon has called on the Independent National Elections Commission (INEC), to be truly independent body as the name implies. 
He said that INEC should also organize proper elections and should not be an extension of another political party.
Dr Gankon who was flanked by Hon Nathaniel Yerima candidate for the    State house of Assembly for Chikun Constituency and other  state party officials while addressing Press Conference at the ‘NUJ Kaduna State Council on Monday, February 4, 2019, said, “INEC should be a true independent body as the name implies. It shouldn not be an extension of another political party like we witnessed in the 2015 elections where INEC violated the rules and guidelines for a free and fair elections.
This was the reason why we took INEC to court in 2015, but we got judgement rather than justice. We don’t expect such to repeat itself this time around.
“Live true to your name. The destiny of the Nigerian people are in your hands. So give us elections in Kaduna State and not results as was in 2015 which the body stage managed to favor its preferred candidate.” Dr Gankon said.
Gankon who is contesting for the Kaduna State governorship election for the second time also called on INEC to make public the additional polling units which it created. He said there are 5,012 polling units in Kaduna State according to INEC and it created about over 8,000 units which are not made known to political parties, because polling unit should be for 500 voters and not 5,000.
On why his political party, APGA, has not  officially flagged off campaign in the state with less than two weeks to the elections, he said, “it is due to security reasons. It is a strategy. The party is fully on ground in the state with structure so there’s no problems about that. We don’t believe in noise making campaign and dishing out peanuts to youth in the name of campaign. We Are going about it strategically. He said.

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