Kaduna Peace NGO Advocate For Peaceful LG Election

**Called on youths to shun Election violence *

A head of kaduna local Government election this weekend , the president peace Revival and reconciliation foundation of Nigeria Pastor Yohanna  Buru  has called all kaduna Politicians and electorates to be law abiding citizens,

Pastor Buru make the called in an interview with the press in kaduna, while stressing the importance of election ,that election is a major instrument for the recruitment of political leadership in democratic societies which is a the key to participation in democratic Government

He says, This is the right time for kaduna citizens to come out and vote for their right candidate ,because it is through election that new political leaders can easily come and occupy political post

He warns that Election is not a do-or-die affairs,hence the need for politicians to have the love of their country at their heart,

“while calling on politician to shun Godfatherism and be devotive in their daily prayers for God to assistance toward achieving victory ,””

“Stop depending on Godfatherism in the modern democracy,defend to your creator and victory shall surely be yours”

Buru also appealed to kaduna Youth to shun political Hooliganism and thuggery ,as he urged them to be a peace ambassador in their area,and be creative in other to be self dependence

He says ,There is need for government to provide employment opportunities for the youths, because when the youths are gainfully employed their mind will be far from unlawful activities and they can hardly be used by any politician irrespective of his wealth,

Buru added that , civil society groups and the government agencies must be fully proactive in educating the masses on electoral matter and the need to Shawn election violence

He concluded by appealing to the state government to provide adequate security

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